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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not my day

Hm... today is really not my day. Well first because:
  • I got angry at two of my friends
  • We had our exam in medical nutrition, I forgot all the formulas to be used so ayun, I got the wrong answers
  • I checked my ENT shifting exam & I failed that exam. I'm in danger of ENT, I failed the short quizzes & now I failed the shifting exam, how am i gonna pass that subject??? (I can't go remedials, I'll be going abroad this april for a vacation before clerkship grrr....)
  • I checked my google adsense account & I got disabled!!! I don't even know why... is this the invalid click? How should I know if the viewers of my blog are invalidly clicking??
  • I have an exam tomorrow, ophtha
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